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Resources for Learning Tagalog


  • Filiphrases Discord
    Online language community where learners can engage in conversation with other learners of Tagalog from around the world

Medical Setting

  • Basic Tagalog for medical settings
    Collection of worksheets with Tagalog words and phrases that can be used between patients and professionals in medical settings
  • Tube Feeding Information
    Information on tube feeding for the client and family in Tagalog and in English

Mobile Apps

  • BuriBooks
    Large virtual collection of Filipino children’s books (free trial available) YouTube
  • Drops
    A mobile app that provides 5 minutes a day of free Tagalog vocabulary lessons


  • Tagalog Kids
    Tagalog Kids+ is a nonprofit organization that teaches people of all ages the language and culture of the Philippines via paid online classes


  • Go Filipino
    Easy to follow podcast covering specific grammar, pronunciation, or cultural topics every episode



  • Fil-Am Learners
    Digital and physical products to teach basic Tagalog to children and families (some free activities)
  • Filiphrases
    Free list of Tagalog phrases and other resources of varying price levels
  • FilipinoPod 101
    Free language lessons, worksheets, and flashcard sets for learners of all levels
  • Freelipiniana Online Library
    The University of the Philippines’ free online library resource for Filipino works
  • Global Language Online Support System
    140+ free Filipino lessons (along with classes in other languages) that focus on one real-life scenario (usually a news story) and has learners read a text and answer questions, or listen to a news report
  • Learning Tagalog
    Free grammar lessons and paid online courses teaching Tagalog at a custom pace
  • LingoHut
    125 free 5-minutes a day lessons
  • L-Lingo
    5 free lessons on Tagalog basics
  • Omniglot: Tagalog
    Tagalog alphabet and pronunciation, tones, recordings showing
    dialectal differences between regions, and more
  • PenLab
    Collection of comics created by Filipino artists in English, Tagalog, and Taglish (a mix of English and Tagalog)
  • Samut-sumot
    Free Tagalog story and poem worksheets for children
  • Tagalog Verb Types and Tenses
    List of Tagalog verb types and how to conjugate them
  • The Filipino Homeschooler
    Free activity sheets for kids in Tagalog
  • Tagalog flashcards
    Free flashcard sets containing commonly used words in Tagalog
  • Unite For Literacy
    Free online books in English with Tagalog narration for children to practice their comprehension skills.