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SLHS 106 Interview with Dr. Irina Potapova

Undergraduate RAs Chris Nguyen and Juliana Salazar were asked in Fall 2020 to conduct an interview with Dr. Irina Potapova for her SLHS 106 class, the introductory class to the SLHS major. They discussed the benefits of undergraduate research, how to apply, and what they have learned as future SLPs. Below is the interview in full.


From left to right: Kristine Thuy Dinh, Quynh Dam, Ngoc Ann Do, and KimAnh Nguyen
“Aside from the knowledge and experience gained from my time at BDC, I have been fortunate in being able to work with the most ambitious and hardworking people I have ever met. They motivate, inspire, and support me. When I graduate and leave BDC, I will not only be walking away with a network of SLPs and other professionals, but new friendships as well, both of which are incredibly valuable to me.”

- KimAnh Nguyen

Bottom row (left to right): Kristine Thuy Dinh, Kelly Nguyen, and Daena Taylor.
Top row (left to right): Diane Pham Guerrero, Monica Nguyen Biscocho, Dr. Giang Pham (Principle Investigator), Judit Limon-Hernandez, Christine Melcher
"From my constant interaction with my lab mates, I have learned a lot about Vietnamese culture and new Vietnamese words. The exposure I get to Vietnamese language and culture is something that will help me when I work as a bilingual SLP."

- Judit Limon-Hernandez


Kristine Thuy Dinh (right) asks Ngoc Ann Do (left) questions about applying to graduate school.
 “I really like this lab. The lab mates are fun and cool! I did not only learn software and soft skills, but I also learned networking skills as I connected with students in the lab. Since they are older than me, I can ask them for advice on applying to graduate schools, taking the GRE, and other experiences. I look forward to coming back to the lab every semester.”

– Kristine Thuy Dinh