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Caregivers Assisting Remote Evaluations (CARE)

Funding: National Institutes of Health – National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIH-NIDCD F31DC019862)

Caregivers Assisting Remote Evaluations (CARE) is a project on telepractice with Vietnamese American families. There is a shortage of bilingual speech-language pathologists to provide services for Vietnamese speakers, an understudied yet large U.S. population (>1.5 million). Using mixed methods, this project proposes telepractice as a potential solution for Vietnamese American families by examining caregiver perspectives on telepractice (Aim 1) and the feasibility and social validity of remote preschool language assessment with the help of a caregiver (Aim 2).
Findings from this work will contribute to a better understanding of client characteristics and responsivity to telepractice as well as build the evidence base for telepractice as an effective service delivery model for bilingual populations.

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